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Will Amazon Follow Sears Path?

Too many people credit Jeff Bezos as a genius for his “innovation and technological advancements.”

They believe it’s the reason for Amazon’s success.

The truth is, Amazon’s business model is a modern-day version of the Sears and Roebuck formula from the 1800s.

The difference is, instead of trains, Amazon’s success came from the internet.  (Maybe Bezos should show some love to Al Gore for creating the internet…LOL).

Without a doubt we’re spoiled by the next day/same day delivery service provided by the world’s largest retailer.

However, we caution you to remember that Sears was (at one time) regarded as retails modern day miracle.

We’re not saying you should dump your Amazon stock.

But, without Amazon’s multi-billion-dollar contracts with our government’s creepy spying agencies, they would still be losing money like they did for the first 20+ years of their existence.

(Read our articles on Amazon’s deal with the devil HERE).

Question:  How can you stay in business while losing money every year for over 20 years?

Answer:  You can’t.

However, if you’re providing the government with data/information they can use to control the population, they’ll not only bankroll your efforts, they’ll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Just ask the CEO’s of Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

All of these guys have been in bed with the creepiest of creepy spying organizations from the get go.

Each one has sold their soul for fame and fortune and they all feel they’re untouchable.

In a sense, they are untouchable…until the boyz in the “Club” no longer have need of them.

Once their usefulness has run its course, Uncle Sam miraculously “runs to the rescue” by taking them over.

(Just ask (F)Elon Musk from Tesla…whose 15 minutes of fame is long gone).

Amazon appears stable but Bezos has been compromised, stabbed in the back, and is bleeding profusely in shark infested waters.

Will Doctor Evil escape or will Amazon end up like Sears?

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