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Why Wall Street Wants to Destroy the NFL

To many of you the thought that Wall Street wants to destroy the NFL sounds ridiculous.

To others it’s blasphemous.

I can hear the hate mail…” Why would anyone want to destroy something so lucrative?  And who do you think you are making such ridiculous claims?”

Let’s start with why?

First you must keep in mind that, on Wall Street, NO ONE is your friend.  And if someone has a chance to steal your wealth, they’ll jump on it like a chicken on a June bug.

It’s always been that way and is not about to change anytime soon.

The boyz in “The Club” know that sporting events in America have peaked and the owners are trapped.

The most obvious signs are reflected in the player’s multi-million-dollar salaries.  (Average NFL salary is $1.9 million).

As a result, ticket prices, parking, food, souvenirs have skyrocketed.  Today, the average person can’t afford to take his family to a game.

The majority of season ticket holders are large corporations who write off the cost as a tax break.  (It’s another way they pass off the expenses to us, the shareholders.)

So, like any corporation when it becomes bloated and expenses are out of control, the owners become victims of their own greed.

Here’s where Wall Street thrives and takes advantage of these fat, overstuffed companies.  ESPECIALLY when corporations like the NFL have a huge base and represents tremendous value.

But to get the biggest bang for the buck you must tear down the structure, get rid of the fat, sell off the unprofitable divisions and rebuild.

In the process fortunes will be made and lost.  And “The Club” will pick the carcasses clean along the way.

Currently the NFL is fattest cow in the barn.

The slaughter has begun with all the division among the players, owners and their loyal fans (who end up getting screwed).

It’s only a matter of time before the “boyz” step-up their dirty work.

Stay tuned…

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