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The NFL Slaughter Begins

“BANG!” (NFL owners just shot themselves in the foot)

“OW, That really hurts.”

“BANG!” (NFL owners shoot other foot)

“OWWWWW, Help!  I Can’t Walk.”

Current and former NFL fans respond:  “Maybe you should put the gun down.”

“DON’T Tell me what to do you little…BANG!..OW! OW! OW! OW!”


…And so, it begins.

According to September 18, 2017 Forbes article, the Average NFL franchise is worth $2.5 Billion.  (The Dallas Cowboys topped the list at $4.8 Billion)

Not anymore.

The ongoing circus of outraged fans boycotting anything related to the NFL has the owners, players, and sponsors soiling themselves.

If you think this self-induced death spiral is a result patriotism or freedom of speech, then think again.

Wall Street has a lot at stake in the sports industry.  And they LOVE the fresh new CHAOS surrounding it.

Before it’s all over you can rest assured that fortunes will be lost and some teams will declare bankruptcy.  Some franchises will be sold for pennies on the dollar.

At the same time, the vultures in “The Club” are watching the “The Club-wanna-be’s” (owners) panic.

They call it “Entertainment and Opportunity.”

By that I mean they’re eating popcorn and watching this circus unfold under the biggest spotlight in America…waiting to pick the carcasses clean.

You’re about to witness one of the greatest thefts exchanges of wealth in sporting history.

It’s how “The Club” works behind the scenes…And to paraphrase George Carlin: “…and you ain’t in it.”

Find out how to profit from this by going (HERE) now.

And bring lots of popcorn.

You’ll thank us later.


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