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Why Isn’t Your Newsletter Free?


Carole, an email subscriber from North Carolina, wrote in and asked a familiar question:  “Mr. Vincent, Why Isn’t Your Newsletter Free?”

As usual, my response is the same:  “It is free, Carole.  Anyone and everyone can get a FREE issue of “…In Plain English at this link: 


If you like what you read you then have three options:


  • Get a month to month membership for $8.75 – which is less than two lattes from your favorite coffee shop.
  • Get an annual membership for ONLY $75, which amounts to 20 cents per day.
  • Do nothing.


We’ve made these ridiculously low prices available for three reasons:


  • We want you to learn how to prosper AND thrive especially in Turbulent Times.
  • We know how bad things are – which is why we’re giving discounts of over 50%.
  • We know how Wall Street operates behind the curtain, thanks to our over 108 years of collective experience. This allows us to help you navigate their mine fields and prosper instead of losing like most of the sheeple who think they understand how the markets work.


Carole, from above, might continue to ask:  “If you’re so interested in helping people then why don’t you make every issue free?”

Personally, I love that question.


It gives me an opportunity to share with you another famous proverb:


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”


Let me explain it “…In Plain English.”

It’s more worthwhile to teach someone to do something (for themselves) than to do it for them on an ongoing basis.


That’s so simple, you need to have someone help you to misunderstand it.

To further illustrate this point, if you get one idea that either saves you from losing a fortune – like those who took our advice in the December 2019 newsletter – or one that makes you a small fortune, isn’t that worth the price of a couple of lattes?

In the last month most people like Carole have spent more than $75 on toilet paper…and that’s not a bad thing.

However, the mindset of hoarding anything is more harmful than productive.

You make more money when you have “skin in the game.”

You need to recognize that Turbulent Times gives you opportunities of a lifetime…especially with those with ears to hear.

Listen to what the markets are telling you every month by becoming a member of our free-thinking “…In Plain English” club:

Based on how rapidly the world is changing, your financial survival may just depend on it.





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