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It’s refreshing to hear someone admit how they “shoulda” done something but are still happy about it.

That’s the response we got from one of our newsletter subscribers, Douw – originally from South Africa who came to America for freedom of oppression – and who acted on one of our recommendations from October 2019.

Take it away, Douw:


Dear James,

“First of all, thank you for your most excellent newsletter.  When I read your October 2019 article The Chaos of 2020 Part 1, I hesitated to act on your advice.  Then after reading Part 2 in your November newsletter, I bought some gold Krugerrands and raised some cash.  Gold was 1,453 at the time.  I’m sure glad I did but I should’ve bought more gold and raised more cash.  I hope more people are taking your advice, especially since we’re in the middle of the Chaos you predicted.”


Thanks, Douw.  And remember to keep some powder dry for the upcoming opportunities of your lifetime.


Here’s what Douw was referring to from our October and November newsletters:



…You need to prepare for approaching Turbulent Times.

2020 is going to be flat out wild.  And I’ll go as far to say that you’re most likely going to see things happen that you never would’ve imagined in the past.

It’s almost if we’re saying to you “This time is different.”


The Early Stages of Chaos…


You don’t see the “tsunami” until it hits the shore.

Without a doubt, we’re in the early stages of chaos that’s guaranteed to get worse in 2020.

In a sense, This Time it Really May Be Different because central banks around the world are all collapsing under the weight of their own debt.

They keep lowering rates, hoping to stimulate demand and are oblivious to the economic reality that the politicians are hunting taxes and becoming more aggressive in tax enforcement.


They are afraid to raise interest rates wrongly assuming the economy may plunge.

Yet, they’re also looking at the national debts that governments never pay off.

Raise the rates and the government budgets explode.  That comes back as a political disaster.

It’s Catch 22 on a global scale and no one will escape the imminent Turbulent Times…


And from the November newsletter:


If you’re paying attention, the Chaos of 2020 shouldn’t

come as a surprise to anyone.

The collapse of the bond market is getting late in the cycle

and will sneak up on the world “…as a thief in the night.”


So, if you haven’t taken any steps in preparation you

should consider the following:


1) Understand that we’re in a Global Debt Crisis.

2) Stay away from bonds…especially government


3) Develop a strategy of moving money, assets, and

investments from the public to private asset


4) Buy some gold and hide it.

5) Keep some cash on hand.


When things get ugly (and they will) you’ll be looking at

the opportunity of a lifetime.

Don’t worry about doing everything right. The important

thing is to start the process.


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