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"It's Not Just About Finance"

Why is Truth and Liberty So Important?

If you don’t consider truth and liberty as an important part of our nation’s future economic survival then stop reading this email.

Regardless of the endless bickering of who’s offended by the latest political circus (mostly imposed on us by the Whores of Babylon Lame Stream Media), people all over the world still risk their lives to come to America.

Rightfully so.

The phrase “American Exceptionalism” has been perverted in the last decade mostly by men and women who hate what our nation represents.

It’s time to set the record straight.

What has made America Exceptional (and still does today) is how we’ve continued to prosper based on our foundation and beliefs about Truth and Liberty.

And if you don’t see how the boyz in the “elite 1% Club” constantly work to undermine your liberties, you’ll eventually be their victims.

You know by now that I’m constantly preaching about how Everything is Connected and that the markets don’t operate in a vacuum.

That’s why I want to direct your attention to a website that’s going to help you see the bigger picture and, hopefully, Connect the Dots of the global financial puzzle.

The site was created by three of the most powerful and influential men you’ve never heard about, Andrew Wommack, David Barton, and Lance Wallnau.  (I wrote about Lance Wallnau [HERE]).

The timing of what they’re showing us about our nations survival is providential.

Look and see for yourself.

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