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Financial “Weapons of Mass Destruction

When it comes to the destructive power of a rising US dollar, the American public is clueless.

We are constantly (and erroneously) taught that a falling dollar hurts our economy in that our purchasing power is reduced.

That’s fundamentally wrong!

A falling dollar (combined with low interest rates) is an international wet dream.  It allows governments to issue huge amounts of new debt that artificially boosts their economies.

Real global problems occur when the opposite happens.

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll remind you again: the world becomes unglued with a rising dollar. 

So, why is everyone screaming that the dollar should need is going to fall?

Once again, it’s the old “Look Here, Don’t Look There,” tactic.  (And the presstitutes count on the sheeple falling for it).

As we speak, the Emerging Markets are being destroyed by a rising dollar.

Do you think that’s a coincidence?


It’s all part of a gigantic 3D global chess game carefully crafted and played by the world’s Super-Powers.  (Namely China, Russia, the Middle-East and the US).

Anything else you hear or read about (like Syria, Korea, Venezuela, the Kardashians, etc.) is distracting noise meant to, well…distract you.

Did you notice that Europe and Japan are missing from the list?

That’s because they’re past the point of no return on the self-destruct course.  They’re the first two cars collapsing in a real-time “Slow motion train-wreck.”  (Read about it HERE).

So, getting back to our original point:  The biggest weapon of Financial Mass Destruction is a rising US Dollar.

Inevitably it will bring the whole system down.

But when?

When it moves from the “inevitable stage” to the “imminent stage.”

Read about it affects you HERE.

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