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Why Everything Gets Destroyed in 10 Years

For some reason climate alarmists (climatards) constantly tell us how the world will be destroyed in 10 years.


But why 10 years?


The one recent exception to the 10 Years rule was from everyone’s favorite climate expert, Greta Thunberg.


Thunberg, the little Swedish Darling, famous for her “How Dare You” quote, recently deleted a tweet she posted in 2018 in which she quoted an influential scientist who warned climate change “will wipe out all humanity” unless fossil fuel use was ended “over the next five years.”


Sorry, Greta.


It’s now late 2023.  We’re still using fossil fuels.  And humanity is not wiped out.


Ironically (or NOT) we said that Greta’s handlers should be charged with child abuse for making her the poster child for the Presstitutes Media Manipulation.








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And before Greta, who can forget Albert Arnold Gore winning a Nobel Peace Prize for his 2006 “An Inconvenient Truth” Documentary?


Do you remember that?


And in it he claimed the ice caps at the North Pole would melt…and the world would burn up if we didn’t stop using fossil fuels by 2013.




Good ole’ Al is on the top of the Hypocritical Awards.








Gets Destroyed in 10 Years



But in a sincere effort to dispel the “everything gets destroyed in 10 years” climatard mantra, here is a brief recap of the “alleged disasters” we faced every 10 years.



  1. 1960s The oil supply will be gone in 10 years
  2. 1970s An Ice Age is coming in 10 years
  3. 1980s Acid Rain will kill the soil in 10 years
  4. 1990s The Ozone layer will be gone in 10 years
  5. 2000s Global Warming will kill us all in 10 years
  6. 2010s Climate Change will kill us all in 10 Years



So, the fact that NONE of the above events happened should make a normal thinking person suspicious of ANY rumblings over Climate Change/Global Warming or whatever label they use to describe THIEVERY.


The entire Climate Scam all goes back to one of the oldest maxims in the investment world.


Follow the Money



Because, in case you missed it, every time there is a “Climate Crisis,” WE the People take it up the wazoo in taxes AND losses of freedom.


But don’t get frustrated about it

Instead, learn how to prosper AND thrive from the “Climate Warriors” fear mongering in our Short and Sweet Tips column in this month’s newsletter (HERE).







And, for the record…Big Oil isn’t going away any time soon.


Share this with a friend…especially if they fall victim to the Presstitutes manipulation/fear mongering over the weather.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them”


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