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We Traded Mean Tweets for WW3


It comes as no surprise to us that we’re being criticized for even suggesting that we’re on the verge of WW3.


And that’s a result of how the media Presstitutes lead you to believe that the USA is fighting for the survival of democracy in Ukraine and/or for the survival of Israel altogether.


Unlike Ukraine, Israel is very capable of defending themselves.


Ironically (or NOT) Ukraine’s version of democracy is based on how much money they can extort from the world for their role as a proxy war between the West and Russia.

As a result, the Presstitutes fail to ever mention how the Neocons in the West put their puppet regime in place in Ukraine in 2014.

And since then, they’ve violated the policies and/or peace treaty they originally agreed to…see Minsk Agreement.


And it’s no coincidence that the agreement was signed on September 5, 2014 and – quite conveniently – expired on February 21, 2022…about the time Russia invaded Ukraine.



Recall, if you will, how it was only a few short years ago that we heard how Trump will start World War 3 with his policies…and mean tweets.


But now, the party of peace is showing their bloodlust by putting us on the brink of Armageddon thanks to their current Ukraine/Zelensky Israel/Netanyahu policies.







All This for WW3


In case you missed it, Zelensky has announced the only way Ukraine will negotiate with Russia is if Putin is removed.

And has called on the West/NATO to use nukes as a ‘Pre-emptive strike’ on Russia before they use them first.


Translation:  We can’t possibly win against Putin.


Meanwhile, no one in Israel or Palestine is talking about any peace talks.


So, who are the real warmongers here?

What these warmongering fools can’t seem to figure out is that if Putin is out, then his Boyz in the background will gladly launch nukes against the West.

They believe Putin is being soft.

But the reality is, Putin is keeping the nukes in check.

(No Pun Intended).


Yet the leftists insist the threat of WW3 was all because of Trump.


The Bottom line here?


We don’t mind being criticized for saying that the US is instigating WW3.



READ:  Was Nord Stream Provocation for WW3?  October 7, 2022 (HERE)




And based on many of the so-called World Leaders aggressive actions lately, it’s becoming obvious that a Global War is moving from the inevitable to imminent stage.


So, instead of one day finding yourself saying: “I’m shocked I tell you, Shocked!  Who could’ve foreseen this happening?”…be sure to take actions and prepare accordingly.


READ:  As the USA Prepares for WW3, the Rest of the World Prepares to Take Sides…Whose Side Will You Be On?  in the November edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE) and you’ll understand why.


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