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Why Don’t You Believe the Facts?


It’s getting to the point where the “Facts” we’re hearing from the Whores-Of-Babble-On media Presstitutes about the CoronaFraud is humorous.

At the same time, it’s almost frightening how the sheeple grovel for the garbage spewed out by the same presstitutes 24/7.

Someone recently asked me: “Why don’t you believe the facts from experts like Dr. Fauci?”


To me, believing Frauduci is like believing a pimp who says: “I have some real nice girls who want to meet you.”

If you’re offended by that try doing your own research and you’ll find that Frauduci has been a pimp for the Big Pharma/Medical industry for decades.

Frauduci recently told a Senate panel that CoronaFraud cases could top 100,000 a day… “It puts the entire country at risk.”

The presstitutes – as they are wont to do – jump all over this kind of fear mongering without mentioning that NOT ONE OF THE EXPERT FORECASTS HAS BEEN ACCURATE.

The poster boy for errant facts continues to do the bidding of his overlord, Bill Gates.


What’s at stake here?

How about TRILLIONS in revenue for vaccines? …especially if they can convince TPTB to make vaccines mandatory.

Let me get your head spinning for a minute.

Supposedly all the new cases of CoronaFraud are popping up as a result of the increased testing.

More testing = more results.

At the same time, how do you know if the reported numbers are accurate, or are being manipulated to justify more lockdowns?

Or (put on your tin-foil hats for a moment), how do you know if the majority of people being tested are possibly being infected from the actual test?

Just askin’ for a friend here.

Remember, the mainstream media in America is your enemy…not your friend.

They’re controlled by Washington and Wall Street and are masters at getting you to “Look Here! Don’t Look There” while they continue to orchestrate the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History.

Their agenda is evil.

That’s why we constantly remind you to Question Everything…especially the “facts” they use to manipulate you.

Learn how to turn the presstitutes lies into profit in our Hotter Than July issue of “…In Plain English.”


You’ll thank us later.




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