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The Year of Chaos…Part 2


Welcome to July.

As we begin the second half of 2020, Wall Street is cheering the 2nd quarter as “One of the greatest quarters in stock market history.”

But was it?

There’s no doubt the markets rebound from the lows in March was impressive.

The NASDAQ is up 46%.

The S&P is up 38%.

The DOW is up 39%.

However, the NASDAQ is the only index that is higher than it was in January.

The DOW is still down 12% for 2020.

The S&P is still down 7% for 2020.

So, regardless of Wall Streets claim of “…the greatest quarter in history,” the markets are still down.

The $64 Billion question is: “Where do we go from here?”

Let me refer to what we wrote in our December newsletter about 2020, The Year of Chaos:


Never before in recorded history have we seen so many economic, political, and financial nightmares (pension crisis, bankrupt nations, the global bond market bubble) coming together on a global scale.

When you combine this with the accelerating loss of confidence in governments around the world, protests, riots, civil unrest, and countless ongoing wars, you have the making of something like we’ve never seen before.

In other words, we’re looking at “The Mother of All Financial Crisis” raising its ugly head in 2020.


We’re not bragging here.

Well, maybe we are…kinda…sorta.

But we openly admit that, since that December prediction, the world has gone waaaayyyyyy crazier than what we expected.

After the huge rebound in March we’re also on record saying don’t be surprised if the market gets crushed again in the summer and the DOW could possibly test the 17,000 level.

So, where do we go from here?

If you took our advice (we said in December and January’s newsletter to raise cash) then you were in a great position to buy into the March lows.

Our March newsletter even laid out how to invest in a crazy market.

Did you take our advice?

Let me be very blunt here.

After one of the greatest quarters in stock market history, you should consider raising cash again.

In our Hotter Than July issue of “…In Plain English,” we’ll show you how to prosper AND thrive in the second half of 2020, The Year of Chaos.

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