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Why Are Scientists and Doctors ‘Baffled’?

For those of us who never bought into the Fake Pandemic/Covid Scam it should come as no surprise why scientists and doctors are baffled at what’s going on.


And here are just a few examples of the many side effects people are still experiencing from the clot shot:


  1. Died suddenly = doctors baffled
  2. Sudden cancer = doctors baffled
  3. Sudden strokes = doctors baffled
  4. Heart attacks = doctors baffled
  5. Myocarditis = doctors baffled
  6. Blood clots = doctors baffled
  7. Guillain-Barre Syndrome = doctors baffled
  8. Neurological problems = doctors baffled
  9. Compromised immune system = doctors baffled
  10. Young, fit, and healthy youths suddenly died = doctors baffled
  11. Fertility problems = doctors baffled
  12. Dead babies = doctors baffled
  13. Bells Palsy = doctors baffled
  14. Anyone who has been skeptical of the CoronaHoax from the beginning = NOT BAFFLED.




Scientists and Doctors



Ironically (or NOT) all along the doctors AND scientists have been telling you to “Trust the Science.”

But, sad to say, most people trusted the TV…and never questioned the science.


And now that the overwhelming evidence is being revealed about the “death jab,” the main perpetrators of these crimes (Pfizer and Moderna) are telling you to get another booster shot.







But we’re going to remind you that it’s not too late to sell either MRNA or PFE short.



READ:  Why Does Pfizer Need 75 Years? December 9, 2021 (HERE)



And:  It’s NOT a Vaccine if…  May 10, 2022 (HERE)




BTW, Moderna (MRNA) is down this year from $217 to $70.21…previous high in 2021 was $329.

And Pfizer (PFE) is down this year from $55 to $28.93.


And the reason they haven’t collapsed yet is because they’re being propped up by the Boyz in the “Club.”

But, why?

Most of the corrupt politicians in DC – in addition to the largest mutual funds in the world – still have big positions in both companies.

And the boyz will systematically get them out before the bottom falls out…leaving all the retail suckers holding the proverbial bag.

And when that happens, you’ll hear Wall Street gurus chime in with: “I’m shocked I tell you…Shocked. Who Could’ve foreseen this happening?”



Don’t say you haven’t been warned about Scientists and Doctors



But if you’re not comfortable shorting either stock, be sure to read November’s Short and Sweet Tips (HERE).


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Share this with a friend…especially if they are disgusted with scientists and doctors who are baffled.

They’ll thank YOU later.


And tell them:


We’re Not Just About Finance.

But we use finance to give you hope.


In Case You Missed it… it Appears That the MRNA ‘Gene Jab’ Was Only Mandated for “White Nations”






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