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Homeless in San Francisco Mysteriously Disappear

By some sort of miracle, the homeless in San Francisco have mysteriously disappeared.


And along with their disappearance, we are seeing the following other miracles take place:


  1. The litter has been cleaned from the streets
  2. Urine and feces washed away
  3. Graffiti has been covered
  4. And roads have been repaved




But what’s truly puzzling about this is how, in the last decade we’ve seen how in San Francisco:


  1. Crime is rampant
  2. Criminals are not prosecuted
  3. The cost of living has made it impossible for the average person to continue living there. (Why pay for premium real estate in a city that is filthy and dangerous?)
  4. Tourism is dead
  5. Tax dollars have fled the city
  6. People with resources have fled the city
  7. San Fran has been operating at an extreme deficit for many years
  8. They continue throwing money at the drug and homeless crises rather than implementing fixes



But now (in the last few weeks) this has all been remedied?


Maybe, the homeless people all found jobs…


Or Maybe the good citizens of San Fran have bonded and teamed up to provide housing for the homeless drug addicts, while cleaning up the S**t in the streets.


Or Maybe…JUST MAYBE the fact that the 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference will be held in San Francisco this year has prompted Governor Gavin Newsome to make sure his visiting Chinese Overlord (Xi Jing Ping) doesn’t see the filth that has overwhelmed the once beautiful city.


Homeless in San Francisco



And if that’s the case…which it is…it proves that clearly, San Fran had the means to do this all along.


But why wouldn’t they have used those resources on US citizens all along?


Because they really do not care about the homeless in the first place.

And, bottom line, are only interested in making a good impression on Xi.


Ironically (or NOT) after Xi and his Boyz leave, San Fran will return to it’s former s**thole status.


Think I’m kidding?


Recall, if you will, when the Pope came to Philadelphia, the homeless population magically disappeared and tent cities were dismantled.

Philly even funded rebuilding sections of the airport to make the city look safe and clean.


And a few weeks later, after the influx of Catholic tourists had left, the city reverted to the way it was before.


So, don’t be surprised when Newsome announces that it will be safe for the homeless to “resume pooping in the streets” again.


Share this with a friend…especially if they used to like San Francisco.

And tell them to follow this link to learn why most people should leave major cities in America before things get worse (HERE).


They’ll thank YOU later.


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