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Why a Gold Standard is a Long-shot


For all you Gold bugs out there, I have good news and bad news.

Most people say “Give me the bad news, first.” (Why do people want to hear bad news first?)

The bad news is:  the chances of returning to a Gold standard are slim to none…And slim already left town.

The good news is:  Gold, and gold mining stocks, are still cheap at current prices.  (But you gold bugs already knew that).

The main reason we won’t likely see a return to a gold standard is a result of all the money printing in the last decade.

You see, based on the number of “dollars” floating around – actually they’re digits on a computer screen – the price of gold would have to be near $60,000 per ounce* to adjust for the actual amount of gold that’s available.

(*Side note.  Gold at $60,000 per ounce would cause Silver to be $3,000 per ounce.  Do the math…which is the better buy?)

What you’ll likely see as a new standard for money is a hybrid including gold along with a basket of currencies and/or crypto money.

We wrote about that in detail (HERE).

When this new standard becomes a reality – it’s already baked in the cake – everything reverts back to the Golden Rule:

“He who has the gold makes the rules.”


So, you shouldn’t be surprised when CHINA eventually announces to the world that they’re sitting on the largest gold hoard in existence.

That’s when things get very interesting.

Instead of worrying about a new Gold Standard, learn how to “Connect the Dots” and capitalize on this tectonic shift (HERE).

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