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Something is Just NOT Right Here


If you try to look at any logical reason why the whole world has been shut down – over a virus – you can’t help but come up with certain thoughts.

The first thought is: Something is just not right.

So, there must be another agenda here.

When you look at all the evidence, it’s obvious that this is by no means an epidemic.

An epidemic requires a minimum infection rate of 7.7% of the population, which would require over 250,000 deaths.

To me it’s becoming more obvious that the perpetrators behind this CoronaFraud intend to crash the economy.


They want to crash it so hard that the Pelosi manages to get all the government pensions bailed out at the state and municipal levels.


You didn’t know that nearly all government pensions around the world are broke?

Before the 2008 meltdown they we’re teetering on insolvency because they invest mostly in Treasury Bills.  They based funding their pensions on getting an 8% rate of return.

Obviously, they’ve failed to achieve their goal.

So, now their scheme is to crash everyone’s economy, blame everything on the virus and then blame Trump for not bailing them out for the 2020 election.

“…In Plain English,” they’re using this virus as cover to bail out 70 years of fiscal mismanagement.

The extra $1 trillion that Pelosi was stuffing in the most recent Democratic Stimulus Bill is money to bail out state and municipal governments which have been going broke because of their unfunded pensions.

It is not the “rich” who are looking to crash the debt — it’s the government who will default on the rich.

That’s why we continue to say that we’ll see more violence before the 2020 election than any other time in history.

Remember, the markets always move in “Anticipation” of events, but not necessarily in the way you THINK they should.

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