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Who Loses Most in a Chinese Trade War?

If you’ve been reading our emails for any length of time you’ll know how we avoid making specific stock recommendations. 

We prefer to give you our observations about trends, cycles and insights from our experiences and let you decide for yourself what to buy.

With that in mind we want to “Highlight” five companies who stand to lose a lot from a trade war with China.

You may want to avoid these stocks and/or take some profits if you currently own them.

They are:

  • Apple (AAPL). They get 25% of their sales from China. Plus, China is a major manufacturing center for AAPL.

  • General Motors (GM). Four million GM cars were sold in China last year (representing over 25% of ALL cars sold in China).

  • Starbucks (SBUX). China is the fastest growing market for the over priced coffee maker.  SBUX is counting on China to make up their lost business after recently turning their stores into the biggest toilet in the US.

  • Boeing (BA). They are overexposed to China with 13% of their sales dependent on a robust Chinese economy.  If China switches to European based Airbus to buy planes, BA gets crushed.

  • Walmart (WM). This is a double whammy.  WM buys massive amounts of goods “made in China.”  They also have 1.4 million Sam’s Club members in China.  This could come to a screeching halt.

We’re not sure if the ongoing dialog with China gets worse or better.

Is Trump bluffing?

We do know that China’s economic clout can impact the world in a very negative way.

So, take a look at the above-mentioned stocks and choose for yourself what to do with them.

And for more insight to what a trade war with China means, be sure to check out our July issue of Simplifying Wall Street…in Plain English.

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