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Who Dares to Open a Business Now?


Not only has the CoronaFraud destroyed the livelihood of millions of people – not including the 40-50 million people out of work – but it’s ruined incentive to create new businesses.

Think about it.

Who in their right mind would want to open up a small business or restaurant in today’s environment with the rioting, looting and fest that you’ll be shut down?

However, this environment for businesses can’t be totally blamed on a small group of megalomaniacs who want to control the world with a New Green World Order.

To be fair, we must blame the Central Banks around the world who have insisted on lowering interest rates to “Stimulate the Economy.”

They have this absurd idea that encouraging businesses to borrow will magically fix everything.

The problem is they’ll NEVER admit they made a mistake.

Example:  Europe has had negative rates since 2015 and things have only gotten worse.  Yet they insist on keeping rates negative.

The bottom line is lower interest rates simply don’t work.


First, by lowering interest rates you also lower the income of savers who spend less and then start to hoard money.

Second, negative interest rates have wiped out pensions along with the ability of retirees to live off the interest of their savings.

Third, Central Banksters assume that lowering rates in a crisis will cause people to borrow.

It’s another stupid theory of banksters and academics who have no clue how normal people AND business owners think and operate.

Nobody will borrow to expand their business when they’re uncertain about the future.

And nobody will borrow to open a business when they’re worried that they’ll lose everything if politicians decide to effect lockdowns again.

Once again, this is NOT about a virus.

Meanwhile, the little guy gets hit the hardest and the backbone of America – the small business – continues to go up in smoke.

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