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Fear Mongering for Power


One of the most overlooked aspects of how Wall Street and Washington use their media whores to manipulate the public for their benefits is their ongoing Fear Mongering for Power.

2020, The Year of Chaos has been the poster child of how fear easily beats the sheeple into submission.

The most obvious example of this is how the boyz in the “Club” have profited from the sheeple being forced to wear masks out of fear of death.

And don’t think for a moment that Big Pharma isn’t behind this.

Speaking of Big Pharma, they’re salivating at the prospects of a vaccine for the CoronaHoax – without proof of its’ effectiveness – that will cost $3,000 per dose.

Obviously, you can see why they’re fighting to ban the use of Hydroxychloroquine – which costs approximately $12 per prescription – that’s been around for about 70 years.  It’s also proven to be very effective in treating the CoronaHoax.

Fear Mongering for power is one of the oldest, and most effective tricks in the book.

It works like this:


  • Create a boogeyman in the form of a disease or a war (preferably one that can’t be seen).
  • Then convince the sheeple they’re all going to die unless they give up their rights and privileges to the “Chosen Ones.”
  • The chosen ones then profit most with their solution to a problem that you never even knew existed…until they created it.


Cue up Bill Gates and his multi-trillion dollar forced vaccine mandate he’s lobbying for.

Regardless of the billions or trillions to be made from his nefarious agenda to “save the world,” this is all about power and control with fear as the driving force.

Wall Street wrote the book on this.

And if you buy into this manipulation through fear, you’ll miss some of the greatest investment opportunities of your lifetime.

Don’t miss out.

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It’s Not Just About Finance.


The sooner I give up my rights meme.

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