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When Hell Froze Over

Last week a town in Michigan (actually named Hell) was frozen by the recent massive Polar Vortex.

Nationwide airlines reported over 3,600 flight cancellations and approximately 14,867 delays.

And that’s the good news.

When you combine this extreme cold with the recent govt shutdown you should expect the 1st Quarter numbers of the US economy to be sharply down.

So, while Hell freezes over, the GDP of the US economy will decline.  That’s very bad news for the rest of the world that depends on selling things to American consumers – especially cars.

Maybe the global warming nut jobs should start their blame game by:

  1. Saying that we should drive our cars more to offset the extreme cold.
  2. This must be a new secret weapon of Russia trying to freeze Hillary and undermine the Democrats’ global warming agenda.
  3. Congress should now spend endless sums on this to investigate and somehow link it all to Trump.

Any way you slice it, our Congress critters will manage to twist this around to go after anyone who disagrees with their “scientific findings” about how “We only have 12 years to save the planet.”


These fools and their “opinions” represent the epitome of arrogance.

They always blame humans as the cause of everything.  That’s like saying that humans are so powerful that they can overcome Mother Nature.

The next time you hear someone cry about global warming, say to them, “You must not believe in God?”

When they get over their shock say, “How can you believe in God when you think we’re able to destroy what He created?”

That probably won’t win you a lot of friends…but it’s the truth.

But, then again, TRUTH is the new Hate Speech.

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Share this with a global warming friend/family member.  They’ll either thank you or curse you for it.

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