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Make Govt Shutdowns Great Again

If anyone out there wants to make a quick buck, they should start selling red hats with a logo saying MGSGA.

We’re rapidly approaching the deadline for some kind of deal on the “Build That Wall” issue.

So, what’s going to happen?

The media miscreants want you to believe that Trump Caved and Pelosi Won (we wrote about that HERE).

However, we believe the opposite.

This became evident when Pelosi recently and incoherently rambled on in a press conference and couldn’t respond over a question over the wall.

Her “stroke-like” speech and facial expressions were reminiscent of Hillary’s campaign.  The difference being that Hillary had handlers to hold her up from falling down.

And now that Trump’s delivered the SOTU address, many of the leftist’s minds are melting down.  The thought of another govt shutdown has them soiling themselves while they scramble to get back to their “impeachment” agenda.

LOL!  And they’re the ones accusing him of being mentally unstable.

It’s just plain nuts how these people are so blinded by their hatred that they don’t care how they’re destroying the fabric of our society.

Unfortunately, this hatred is adding fuel to the fire of 2019, The Political Year from Hell. 

This will set up the 2020 election as a confrontation that, regardless who wins, the opposition will never accept the results.

Confidence in govt is falling at a freakish pace and that eventually accelerates into civil unrest.

When you add into the mix another possibility of a govt shutdown, you can expect those in govt to scream the loudest.

How will this affect our markets going forward?

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