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When Did Violence Become Fashionable?

Have you ever wondered why the lame stream Media is focused on promoting violence?

I’ll give you several answers.

  • It’s profitable
  • It’s a great distraction from important problems occurring right under our noses
  • It’s what the public wants to see

You might disagree with me on that last point but look at how many people focus on violent situations both domestic and globally.

It’s as if violence has become fashionable.

The other day at a coffee shop I was surprised to hear a group of young people talking about riots they saw on social media: “Did you see the terrible fight at…”  And “Yeah, they should have killed those %*5(#@^…or at least put ‘em in the hospital.”

I shouldn’t be so shocked because social media has taken this phenomenon to new levels.  Anyone with a phone is a potential news reporter.

And this constant barrage of violence feeds on itself.

It’s wrong!

And someone’s got to take a stand and tell it like it is.

History proves how violence precedes certain events that spill over into the markets.   And how the negative effects can be devastating.

In our November newsletter, we expose the forces behind these movements in an article titled The Profitable Side of Violence.

Don’t let the senseless violence promoted by the corrupt media continue to threaten you or your portfolio.

Get the full details (HERE)


P.S.  There are plenty of reasons why I hate how the media pushes violence.  But, they’re controversial and I don’t want to explain them here.  See for yourself at: (LINK)

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