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The Hidden Dangers Behind Bitcoin

Before all you “Bitcoin” fans start yelling at me, let me say that I’m not against Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency.

They’ll definitely play a vital role in our future.

However, they’ll also push forward every bankrupt governments agenda for eliminating physical cash.

Ultimately this very dangerous to your freedom.

When money becomes totally digital, your wallet will be overseen by the banking system and our (not so friendly) representatives in DC.

This is all part of their relentless hunt for taxes.  They want to be able to steal squeeze every drop of blood possible from the average citizen.  And digital money makes it easy.

A cashless society opens the door to every snooping agency on the planet.  Everything you do will be recorded, stored (they’ll say it’s for your protection) and used against you.

And what amazes me is that most people ignore the fact that with one “click” of a mouse, your accounts can DISAPPEAR.  Poof!

Gone, in the blink of an eye.

And you won’t be able to do anything about it except scream, holler and fight.

Who wants to be put in that situation?

I still believe that cash is king and is necessary to have on hand.

Ask yourself: “What happens if the banking system shuts down and your credit/debit cards won’t work?”

If that happens, cash will be a lifesaver.

Cash is not going to go away (at least not without a major fight).

Besides, without cash, how will politicians be paid off?

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