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What’s Funny About This and Why?

Years ago, I asked a friend (who is well-known comedian) how he came up with so many funny things to talk about.

His answer not only surprised me but it also helped put many everyday problems we experience in perspective.  Hopefully you’ll see the wisdom in his response.

He said, “Most people get so emotionally caught up into what’s happening in their lives, that they lose their perspective.  And most comedians will tell you that most of their jokes come from real life experiences.  In order to find humor in something you have to ask yourself two questions:  What’s funny about this, and Why is it funny?”

He went on to say:  “When you step back from the emotions of an event (and try to answer those questions) you’ll find humor.”

Take a moment and look back to an event that happened in the markets that really messed with your mind.

In retrospect, do you now see any missed opportunities because of how your emotions overruled your decision making?

Let’s use the 2008 meltdown as an example.

In early 2009, when the presstitutes all started screaming about “capitulation” (code word for “everyone is throwing in the towel”) did you sell into the panic?  Or did you recognize the markets had bottomed.

The truth is that most investors bought into the “capitulation” theme and sold near the bottom.

But don’t feel bad.  Many government pension managers also sold near the bottom.  And 9 years later they’re still not back in the game.

So, what’s funny about this?

Once you realize that most investors are like lemmings running over a cliff, you’ll improve your LISTENING skills as to what the markets are really saying.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear!  (Matthew 11:15)

Become a better listener HERE.


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