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What You Should Know About CBDCs

In case you missed it, CBDCs are Central Bank Digital Currencies…and you should know the dangers they present.


Because there’s an increasing chance that governments worldwide will soon force their citizens to use central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

And that’s when things get really dicey.


However, the crypto advocates/fools out there think this will be a good thing.

Nothing could be further from the truth.



CBDCs allow governments to track and control every penny you earn, save, and spend.

And they’re a powerful tool for politicians to confiscate and redistribute wealth as they see fit.

Ironically (or NOT) CBDCs will enable devious social engineering by allowing governments to punish and reward people in ways they previously couldn’t.


Example:  Suppose governments impose lockdowns again for flu season, or the so-called “climate change,” or whatever they find convenient.

CBDCs could then be programmed to work in a specific geographic area.

As a result, your payments could be denied if you travel more than a mile from your home during a lockdown.

Or suppose the Boyz in charge want to encourage you to take a certain pharmaceutical product.

With CBDCs, they could easily deposit money into the accounts of those who complied and/or deduct it from those who didn’t.

Why You Should Know the Dangers

Most likely, CBDCs will be paired with some sort of social credit system.

You know…like the one that’s already in place in China today.

Here’s some other possibilities/dangers:

  1. Did you commit a ‘thought crime’ on social media?
  2. Or maybe you read too many politically incorrect articles online…like this one.
  3. How about:  Did you exceed your monthly meat consumption allowance?


Are you seeing a pattern here?

And just like in the past, when a crisis hits – real or fake – the Government will probably mandate CBDCs as a “solution.”

Think it can’t happen?

Think again…and look back at how the world was enslaved in 2020 over a cold virus that’s turned out to be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind.

READ: Covid’s Not Even a Blip on the Pandemic Radar  March 23, 2021

But let’s not go there now.

The bad news is that CBDCs are coming…and You should know the dangers.

But the good news is – just like we’ve been saying about the Great Reset – they will ultimately fail.


In the meantime, the $64 Billion question is:   What will you do when the government tries to force everyone to use CBDCs?

Find out by reading our October edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

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They’ll thank YOU later.

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