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Spending $100 Billion to Fight Inflation?

In a world that simply makes no sense anymore we find that France announced it will spend $100 Billion to fight inflation.


This goes beyond stupid.

And defies all logic.

As a result, the only question worth pursuing at this point is whether they are really that stupid, or if this all a planned demolition.

And in that case, the idiot public is supposed to just swallow everything and believe all the lies.

One would think that the French are smarter than that.


But, at the same time, Americans continue to pay for inflation with credit cards.

As a result, more people are keeping higher credit card balances for longer.

Translation:   No one can out spend Americans…even when it comes to inflation.

But the $100 Billion question is:  Is this really incompetence or is it a controlled demolition?

If you look at things logically then it seems more like controlled demolition.



If it was only incompetence, then they would be wrong only 50 per cent of the time.

But actions like this prove they are clearly wrong in every decision.


The saying “even a broken clock is right twice a day” doesn’t apply here because they can’t even hit that mark.


It’s intentional/controlled demolition.

In Order to Fight Inflation…

Any one with half a brain could tell you that inflation – in its simplistic form – is from overspending.

However, in today’s Woke world we’re programmed to think that:

“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”

~George Orwell – 1984 ~

If we continue to follow this logic, then before you know it, they’ll start saying things like:

If 100 billion will fight inflation- why not spend 100 trillion & make sure inflation never comes back?

Unfortunately, the truth is these Boyz really aren’t that stupid.

They just think that you are.

And they’ll continue to undermine the global economy with idiotic policies to fight inflation.


So, when they all default on their debt they’ll blame it on climate change.

Or Trump…Putin…Covid…China…Transgender homophobes…take your pick.


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