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What Was the Deal With Iran?

When you hear discussions about how Trump is (again) starting WWIII by voiding the “Iran Nuclear Deal,” ask yourself these questions:

  • Was there ever a treaty?

  • Did Congress vote on it?

  • If the agreement was “so great for America,” then WHY is Europe and Iran so hot to save it?

  • If this deal is so restrictive to Iran, wouldn’t you think they would be happy to get rid of it?

The truth is Obama never got a ratified treaty with Iran.  (He used executive actions because he didn’t have the votes).

The Iranians NEVER SIGNED the Obama “Agreement.”  It’s non-binding on their part.  So, Iran can do whatever they want.

Oh!  And what happened to the $150 Million cash (in unmarked bills) delivered to Iran for this deal?

It most likely was used to buy Russian weapons and military/nuclear technology or to sponsor Iranian terrorism (thanks, John Kerry).

Part of the deal went to protect the Hezbollah drug income stream (estimated to be over $500 Million).  And the real kicker was the nuclear “inspection process” was limited to only 18 sites.

So, please tell me, how cancelling this “deal” (not a treaty) is such a horrible thing for America?

It’s just another distraction for the sheeple.  And it’s hyped up by the lap-dog media who is hell bent on inciting hatred and division in America.

Sad to say, their plan is working.  And if it continues unchecked, we’ll see a major collapse in confidence in government.

If that happens, then all bets are off regarding the stock market.

Confidence is the lynch-pin for keeping markets stable.  When confidence is lost, you better be near the exit doors.

Until then, learn what signs to look for (HERE) so you don’t get caught off-guard.


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