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What Goes Around…

The old adage “What Goes Around Comes Around” is alive and well on the world stage.

Cue up: O’Biden’s sanctions against Russia.

While so many people are (foolishly) cheering the economic sanctions against Russia, they’re totally missing the point and dangers associated with sanctions.

Example: there are almost 3,000 US companies in Russia.

The US is also the leader in foreign companies in “Special Economic Zones” including 11 projects.

The companies involved are:  Abbott Labs, AbbieVie, AECOM Air Products, Albemarle Chemicals, Representative office Alcoa SMZ (Alcoa Russia), American Express Russia, McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC, and others.

And after O’Biden – and his collective group of Moron Advisers – began seizing private assets of Russians, they not only violated every international law and treaty, but they’ve also destroyed the global economy as well.

Keep in mind this is NOT a one-sided game.


China and Russia have a vast amount of American and European investments.

Translation: What goes around, comes around.

What Goes Around…

Flashback:  2014, Obama sanctioned to remove Russia from SWIFT system entirely.

Fortunately, the SWIFT system refused to cut off Russia.





So, what has changed since then?

Maybe the SWIFT system got their feellwings hurt by Putin.

Or Maybe, TPTB are clueless as to the damage they’re doing by undermining the world economy.

Or Maybe JUST MAYBE, SWIFT has shown the entire world that they are NOT INDEPENDENT… and therefore, not be trusted.

As we’ve been saying, China has no other choice but to move forward on its own replacement system called CIPS…Cross-Border Interbank Payment System.

(Read: In One SWIFT Move HERE)

Sad to say that SWIFT has become another political tool abused by the Neocon/War Mongers in DC.

In retaliation, Russia and China will form a block against the West driving another nail into the world economy.

Try to see this from China’s viewpoint.

These sanctions send a clear signal to China that they’d

best be cautious about doing business with the US.


Because they could be next in line.

As a result, China will prove that “What Goes Around Comes Around” with US businesses, assets, land, etc.

Caution: Don’t get blindsided by the market’s reaction to this madness.

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