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We’re Not Stock Pickers, However…

Admit it!

You’ve all seen an ad for a financial newsletter that sounded so good, you couldn’t wait to give them your money.

It may have said something like “…and you have until midnight TONIGHT to get in on this once in a lifetime…blah, blah, blah.”

Some of these extremely well written packages end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars while promising you the moon.

And, like most people who buy them, you rationalize your purchase by saying,“yeah, but it was so compelling, I couldn’t pass it up.”

If you’re a subscriber to our “…In Plain English” newsletter, you read in our January issue about why we said most marijuana stocks will be out of business in the next few years.

We also “suggested” you consider several stocks that service the POT industry.  It was in our Short and Sweet Tips section (HERE).

We highlighted the following companies:

  1. GW Pharmaceuticals PLC (symbol: GWPH) just under $110
  2. Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPF) at $46.85
  3. Neptune Wellness Solutions (NEPT) at $3.11
  4. Altria Group (MO) at $47.76

We didn’t say “BUY THESE STOCKS” however, our current subscribers know how to read between the lines.

We strive to help you become better investors by showing you  what makes a company a good buy and, more importantly, when to buy them.

As a side note, the stocks mentioned above are currently trading as follows:

  1. GWPH at $148.16 +34%
  2. IIPR at $65.81 +39%
  3. NEPT at $3.71 +19%
  4. MO at $49.20 +3%

We’re not saying this to brag.  (Well, maybe we are…kinda…sorta).

We’re pointing out that none of these stocks grow, harvest, produce, or sell marijuana.  Yet, they’re involved in that industry and have risen dramatically in the last month.

Learn how to take advantage of hidden opportunities (without paying ridiculously high prices for well written hyped up newsletters).

We’ll even give you your first issue for FREE.

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