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War is Peace…for Whom?

In George Orwell’s futurist book, 1984, he says:  “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.”

Some people read that and say, “Huh!”

Todays translation:  “Spending is Wealth, Debt is Security, Indoctrination is Enlightenment, and Men are Women.

I bring this up because people ask me why I tie geo-political events, fake news and bogus information with how the markets are controlled by the boyz in the “Club.”

The answer…Creating confusion and misinformation is how people are easily manipulated.

However, let me remind you that Everything in the world is connected…Everything.

The mistake most investors make is looking at the markets on a personal, emotional, or regional level.

Ask yourself:  “Why do the markets swing up or down over tariff issues?”

The answer is in the question:  “WHO PROFITS FROM IT?”

You see, the boyz in the “Club” don’t care if the markets go up or down.

They play both sides and laugh all the way to the bank while you panic.

Ironically, (or NOT) panic is a great way to profit.  And it’s necessary to create shifts in market trends.

The boyz want you to panic because it keeps you from seeing the big picture.

However, when you see how everything is connected you can:

  • Escape the slaughter of the sheeple.
  • Profit from it.


The question on most investors mind is, “When is the next panic cycle?”

We believe it could start as early as September…or at least give you the impression that the markets are crashing.

A quick look back at September 2018 should remind you that the DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ were near their all-time highs.

Where are they today?

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