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VAIDS…Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

In what could be our worst nightmare, the perfect, untraceable bioweapon would be a vaccine loaded with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)…Aka: VAIDS.


WARNING:  You need to put on your tin-foil hats before reading any further.


VAIDS: Destruction of the Immune System by the Shots


A recent post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, sharing the blog post relayed a quote from it, claiming:


“Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Causes VAIDS in Children, Study Proves,”

“‘Finally, we have scientific confirmation that vaccination against COVID-19 causes a marked decrease in immunity to heterologous pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.’ A condition known as ‘VAIDS’ vaccine-induced AIDS.”



Pfizer, of course has denied any wrongdoing.


And their bought-and-paid-for presstitutes are keeping a very low profile about the claims of VAIDS.


Ironically (or NOT) this comes on the heels of the Big Pharma giant reducing its annual sales outlook by $9 billion.



READ:  Is it Time to Short Pfizer  October 21, 2023 (HERE).



All we can say is thank goodness social media isn’t totally censored (yet) and that people are starting to speak up against the Medical Tyranny that’s been shoved down our collective throats for the last 3 years.







VAIDS and Conspiracy Theorists



It is interesting to note that the stories we are seeing about the possibility of VAIDS were overlooked thanks to the media onslaught of WW3 starting in the Middle-East.


But that’s why Conspiracy Theorists get called Conspiracy Theorists.


But we should not overlook the possibility of the claims over VAIDS being true.


So, what is VACCINE-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome?


First, you cannot live without a functioning immune system.


And if the jabbed cannot fend off viruses and their variants, CANCERS, pneumonia, sepsis, you name it, death occurs through multiple, seemingly unrelated causes.


As a result, it becomes the perfect, untraceable bioweapon.


And you can’t deny how we are already seeing:


  1. “Turbocancers”
  2. Friends who are always getting sick
  3. Young people who “suddenly died”
  4. All occurring to those who took the jab



This begs the question:





As always, time will tell.


In the meantime, logic tells you to stay away from most healthcare stocks.


(Cough! Pfizer (PFE) Cough! Moderna (MRNA) Cough!)


Instead, look at the companies that profit from WAR.


And you can see a short list of them in our Short and Sweet Tips column (HERE).


Share this with a friend…especially if they are tin-foil hat inclined.

They’ll thank YOU later.



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