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Truthsayer vs. Soothsayer

Have you ever seen this?

“Our gurus got 18,642% return by following this secret formula.”  “Yes, you read that right.  And we’ll share the ANCIENT CODE (used by Samurai Warriors) to reveal the mysteries of investing.” Blah…blah…blah!

C’MON, MAN!  Who are you kidding?

These alleged “soothsayers” spew out this crap to advertise their newsletters because they know people will fall for it.

Seriously, who do you know that’s made that kind of returns in the market?

Yep, me neither.

I bring this up because there’s an abundance of information out there written by people who have never directly been involved with Wall Street.  They make their numbers sound great and cloak their products around some “secret code” they’ve cracked that’s guaranteed to give you an advantage.

REALITY CHECK:  There are no secret codes.  Wall Street hasn’t changed.  And the only difference in investing today (beside the speed of technology) are the criminals running the show.

At Financials Matter we don’t promise you outrageous returns in the market.  We simply reveal the truth to you about what goes on behind the scenes on Wall Street.

We’re “Truthsayers” not “soothsayers.”

Our “secret formula” is to show you how to AVOID making mistakes…and keep you from losing a fortune.

We’re experienced veterans who’ve made and/or seen nearly every mistake possible.  We write from experience, not theory.

And every month we give you valuable insight to the innerworkings of Wall Street in our newsletter In Plain English. (LINK)

We’ll even give you a Complimentary issue to take a test run.

Go ahead, check it out (LINK).

You’ll thank us later.

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