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December 2, 2022

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How to Beat the Algos at Their Own Game

For those of you who don’t know, Algos is an abbreviation of Algorithmic computer programs.  (AKA: High Frequency Traders [HFT’s].

They affect your everyday life and not just through the stock markets.

Example:  Have you ever Google searched for something you’re interested in buying?  (Of course, you have).

Within seconds after you type in something like “Where to find the best hair products, or lawn mowers, plane tickets, etc.,” an Algo program sends your request to millions of sites that provide what you want.  They in turn send pop ups of their products/services to any and every site you’ve been on.

Kinda creepy, right?

Many pop ups appear on side bars of your favorite websites and you might not notice them at first.  But they’ll persist to remind you…sometimes for months at a time.

Sounding familiar?

Many refer to this as “Enhanced Digital Marketing.”

The truth is it’s more like “Big Brother’s Wet Dream.”

What’s really creepy is, Algos follow you around via your cell phone even if you’ve never used your phone to search for something.  (They link your phone to your computer/laptop/tablet etc.).

So, how do you minimize* your exposure invasion of privacy to these menacing algorithmic programs?

(*Note:  Even if you don’t use a cell phone, computer, etc., algos follow you via you using a credit/debit card.  Banks give you their new “chip” cards (as opposed to the old swipe cards) and tell you it’s for your security/protection LOL!  They’re even capable of pinpointing where you are in a store and providing you with instructions where you can find specific items).

Can you say “Creepy on Steroids?”

In our September newsletter we’ll show you how to easily use algos to improve your investment skills AND minimize the creepy factor.

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