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Trump Arrest OR…

We wonder if the controversy surrounding the supposed Trump arrest or indictment (tomorrow) is legit, or a set up to cause Trump supporters to protest and be arrested.

Politics aside an indictment would be a national disaster.


It is un-American for the ruling party to use police power to arrest its political rivals…AKA third world politics.

This will mark a dark moment in American history and will undermine whatever trust remains in our electoral system itself.

Trump has announced the New York Democratic prosecutors are desperate to indict him in hopes of preventing him from running for President.

It’s bad enough that people like the Clintons, Bush, Obama, the Bidens, et al, all walk free.

But Trump is the one who must be held to account for hush money paid to a whore?


And that’s based on the testimony of a convicted felon?

Question:  Has everyone forgotten how Bill Clinton paid $850,000 to Paula Jones to “go away?”


What we’re seeing is how the Empire of Illusion is coming to its inevitable end.

The Boyz/Neocons want everyone to see Trump’s mugshot as a way to prevent him from running for president in 2024.

And as we fight among ourselves, our enemies will take full advantage of the weakness we have embraced.

Don’t take the bait.

Trump Arrest and Putin

And while the Trump arrest made headlines, the ICC issued a criminal indictment for Putin.

However, they have no such jurisdiction by their own authority. 

The ICC has become yet another political tool of the Neocons determined to create World War III.

But we don’t believe Putin is scared…




Currently there are so many crises occurring that it’s hard to keep track of them.




As a result, there is even a bill being introduced to make it illegal for congressmen and their spouses or family members to be trading on inside information.

It is titled: The Preventing Elected Leaders from Owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act.

And, No, that’s not a joke.

This is all getting to the point where there is no justice anymore.

 Because when you have Biden taking money from China and Ukraine – and everyone turns a blind eye – somehow paying hush money to a porn star is far more important to the country?

Or, it’s quite possible this distraction de jour is to keep you from the truth behind the recent SVB bank failure.




As a result, the markets look to be in a panic cycle to scare everyone spitless.


Don’t take the bait.

Instead, learn how to profit from their evil ways in the March edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

Share this with a friend…especially if they remember Paula Jones and Bill Clinton’s relationship.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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James Vincent
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