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Truckers…7 Days Before Chaos in NYC

Without food and goods delivered to NYC you have about 7 days before chaos.


In case you missed it, American truckers are banding together and threatening to boycott NYC over the ridiculous fine of $355 million against Trump.


The fine was handed down by one of the most despicable judges in American history, Arthur F. Engoron.







Engoron represents the vile, disgusting degree of the completely out-of-control judicial system in New York City.

And it has been people like him throughout history that sparks revolutions.


7 Days Before Chaos


So, if New York goes 7 days without food, you can rest assured that violence will ensue.

But there’s more danger to come than just riots and violence.




Because of this dangerous precedent, what Engoron has done to Trump can now be done to any company in New York City. 




This judgment was intentionally designed to bankrupt Trump and his companies.




Ironically (or NOT) this makes America indistinguishable from a country like Iran nationalizing private assets.


As a result, the risk of owning shares in a New York domiciled company must be considered a political high-risk.


So, only a fool would now remain in New York City.


These tactics by Judge Engoron are so un-American it’s beyond comprehension.


So, what’s next?


Will he pull a Trudeau and fine everyone who donates to Trump as a co-conspirator and impose fines greater than their entire net worth?


The good news is how truckers in Canada showed the world that they could bring down government policies.

And eventually, the High Court ruled what Trudeau did was unconstitutional.


As a result, the truckers of Canada were an inspiration.


And we are now witnessing protests from Farmers worldwide following their lead.


Unfortunately, this is merely a prelude to what will eventually happen in America.

And that being a national divorce between the red and blue states.



Because civilization can no longer be maintained when one side thinks they have a right to oppress the other.


Can you imagine what would happen if Truckers cut off the food to all sanctuary cities?


We shudder to think.


But if it does happen, the question becomes…How are You Prepared to Deal With It?


Learn how to prepare for civil unrest and how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times (HERE).


And share this with a friend…even if they’re clueless about what the Truckers are doing to NYC.

They’ll thank YOU later.

And tell them:


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