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Saturday Rant…Taylor and Travis

By now even hard-core fans of Taylor Swift are tiring of being bombarded with what Taylor and Travis are doing.


Understandably so.


And yet, with her Kardashian-like spotlight shining brightly, her handlers are setting her up to lead the Democrat party to victory in November via her endorsement.


In a word….Yuck!


And that’s why we’re turning today’s rant over to our favorite female ranter who goes by the handle of PrettyInPink.


So, take it away PIP!



James, you probably know by now that I Am Definitely NOT a feminist.

Nor am I considered to be a Conspiracy Theorist.

But that might soon change with what I have to say about the extremely annoying Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce in-your-face-marketing-agenda/platform for the Democrat party.

Because behind the wholesome country girl image her marketing crew wants you to see, she is a satanist.

There, I said it.

And she’s the perfect image for the satan-worshipping liberals who are hell-bent on keeping Biden in the White House.

Here’s a few memes to illustrate my point




But what amazes me is how people think she is some kind of conservative.







And now that she’s teamed up with an equally revolting athlete – who was paid $20 Million by Pfizer to endorse their clot-shots – they could easily be the biggest power couple on the planet.

 However, Travis Kelce exposed his true self on the sideline at the Super Bowl by screaming and almost knocking over his coach, Andy Reid.

But people wave off his embarrassing behavior by saying stupid things like:  “He’s just a real competitor.”

What’s funny is how the meme world responded to Kelce’s aggression towards his coach.

Pfizer fans saw him saying:






While Conspiracy Theorists imagined him saying:







Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s “best friends” saw it as an opportunity to plant seeds for her to add to her string of  musical hits about her knack for choosing bad relationships with men.





My money is on her dumping Kelce in the not too distant future.

And soon thereafter, his athletic career takes a nose dive, like most of the men who get involved with the Kardashian women.

Unfortunately, and for the time being, we will be stuck having to see them kiss Biden’s ass  (along with Pfizer and the Soros Family…who owns her record rights) until the Democrat National Convention in August.

And by then, the Neocons running the White House will find a way to replace Biden on the ballot with Michelle Obama.

God help us all…





Thanks, PIP.


That was awesome.


And we loved your memes.


And it’s always great hearing a woman’s opinion…especially when it involves another woman.


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