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Too Old to Run the Country

A new poll published by the Associated Press shows that Americans on both sides fear that our resident Brandon is too old to run the country.


And to most people that comes as no surprise.


But the numbers are worse than you might think.


In fact, 77% of respondents said that Joe Biden cannot handle four more years due to his age.


And approximately 89% of Republicans agreed, as did 69% of Democrats.


But Brandon is not the only politician that’s too old to run the country.


Sadly, people still hate Trump enough to vote for Joe Biden even though they know he’s unfit to serve.

And this is the main reason why America needs term limits. 


Because politicians have become leeches to our society.

And they serve no purpose other than serving themselves and their donors.


Even Trump himself stated that anyone running for the office of President of the United States should be required to take a full mental competency test.


And then we have people like Fetterman.


Just imagine if we allowed surgeons, pilots, or others in positions of power to work while knowingly mentally compromised?


Too Many Are Too Old



We’re not specifically picking on O’Biden…Well, maybe we are…kinda, sorta…


But we’ve gotten to the point where how government should be run has completely flip-flopped.




  1. WE should be the ones knowing everything about the government, not the other way around.
  2. WE are private citizens
  3. They are public servants
  4. And we pay them in the form of (insanely high) taxes
  5. Yet they treat us like potential criminals
  6. And they feel we should be monitored 24/7



If you think this sounds creepy, you are right.

It is creepy.



A “Politician” should not be a permanent career choice.


And people should choose to serve their country for a fixed duration of time while bringing skills from other areas to the table.

Instead, the District of Caligula has become a filthy pit of corruption including money laundering, fraud, foreign lobbying, kickbacks, racketeering.


And our Department of Justice acts as if nothing is wrong (Cough! Hunter Biden, Cough! Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX Scandal, Hairball Cough!)


Meanwhile, they want to make sure you comply with their mask mandates and future lockdown policies…for your own protection, of course.


So, what does this have to do with finance?



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