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Saturday Rant…No More Masks

At last, people are starting to speak up – as medical tyranny, once again, raises its ugly head – by saying No More Masks.


But this probably won’t stop the Big Pharma Boyz from attempting to jam their agenda down our throats…with the complete backing of the O’Biden Administration.

And based on the outcome (and complete failure of the masks to prevent the transmission of a cold virus named Covid) from the 2020 CoronaHoax, you must wonder why they’re insisting on bringing them back.


We know the answer to that.


And it confirms an old Wall Street adage of “Follow the Money,”


With that in mind we’re turning over today’s rant to a familiar voice to the Saturday Rant…who happens to be a long-time subscriber to our newsletter…by the name of Scoob Martin.


So, welcome back Scooby…






James, ever since I heard the phrase “Follow the Money” my perspective of how the world operates has changed for the better.

So, when I heard the Boyz were bringing back Mask Mandates, I immediately started to “Follow the Money.”

As expected, I found the answer in the profits (or lack thereof) from the Big Pharma Boyz.

And check this out from the Pfizer (PFE) recent earnings call:

“Paxlovid generated just $143 Million in worldwide sales for the second quarter, down 98% from the $8.1 Billion it pulled down over the same stretch in 2022.

And MRNA vaccine “Comirnaty,” for its part, brought home $1.4 Billion, Down about 83% from the $8.8 Billion it generated in last year’s second quarter.

And the fact their earnings AND stock price is taking a beating makes me want to scream “BOO FRICKETY-HOO.”

Meanwhile, they come crying to their pimps in DC begging them to reinstate mask mandates so they can crank up the fear factor to get people to take more of their “clot shots.”

It’s hard to believe that there are that many stupid people in the world who will actually go along with these morons who think nothing of killing millions in the name of profits.

But that just goes to show you that you should never underestimate human stupidity.

And what these collective freaks are really saying is:

“In order to keep you safe we will kill you if you don’t diaper-up for your masters.”

Sincerely, the FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DHS, the Uniparty, Demrat party, and RINO fake GOP Party.

Unfortunately, we all knew they were going to pull this crap again…and again.

The first clue is the fact that NO ONE from the first round has ever been held accountable.

Along the way the GOP failed the American people and do not deserve another chance.







Thanks, Scooby…you never disappoint.

And hopefully our site won’t get shut down again from your excellent rant.


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But we use finance to give you hope.










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James Vincent
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