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They’re Smoking Too Much Weed in Colorado

In 2016 Hillary Clinton allegedly won the popular vote over Donald Trump (assuming all the votes were from living people).

Since then the crying protesting hasn’t stopped.

Every time a Republican happens to win a Presidency, Democrats argue that the Electoral College is an archaic election method not representative of a democratic government.

What these misled whiners fail to recognize is that our Founders created a voting system that ensured limitations on mob rule.  It prevented a handful of cities throughout the country from stacking the deck. 

To protect the rights of all Americans, including those in smaller rural counties, they came up with the electoral college.

It’s a method by which all Americans from varying backgrounds and ideologies can be represented during a Presidential election.

Such was the case in the 2016 election making Donald Trump our 45th President.

Cue up the stoners from Colorado:

In the next election, the rocky mountain state is aiming to assign all electoral votes to the winner of the National Popular vote.

Wait, What?

Essentially, they’re invalidating the will of the voters in their own state.  

These people are unhinged and very dangerous.  

It’s like a team moving the goal posts in order to win a game.  (Could it be from smoking too much weed?)

Here’s what’s really dangerous.

This will likely go before the Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court fails to uphold current laws surrounding how votes are assigned and calculated, it’s game over for the election process.

2019, The Political Year from Hell is just getting warmed up and promises to get worse.

Wake up and learn how to hedge yourself against this madness:

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