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They Don’t Ring a Bell at the Top

Have you ever wondered why the Lame Stream Media so focused on the wild gyrations of the stock market?

It’s because they don’t want you to pay attention to what’s going on in the bond market.

It’s the old, “LOOK HERE, DON’T LOOK THERE” tactic.

Let me prove this point in a simple way.

While stocks were going crazy last week, the bond market silently set off alarms of Biblical proportions.

Historically, with exceptions of extreme market turmoil, when stocks sell off with force, the money runs into the Treasury market for safety.  Bond prices rise and yields fall. 

But not last week.  Bond prices fell while yields went up.  (This is exceptionally bearish for the housing market).

What the boyz in the “Club” don’t want you to know is that the bond market will do far more damage to the global economy than stocks.

It’s clearly the largest bubble in history and as the saying goes, “They don’t ring a bell at the top.”

As the bond market implodes most of your self-titled “exceptionalist” Americans will cry out to their Congressmen “Do Something!”

The Congress critters will then grand-stand the Federal Reserve to “Do Something!”  At the same time, they’ll cry out “Who could’ve foreseen this happening?

Same old, same old crap.

The NY Fed and the Plunge Protection Team (PPT—see definition HERE) will be unable to stop the oncoming massacre in the bond market.  (Note, they both have offices in the same building in Lower Manhattan).

And they will finally be exposed for covering up all these financial time-bombs from their excessive money printing since 2008. (Can you say “over $10 Trillion?)

To survive AND prosper, we remind you to listen to the markets…not the media.

And you know, the best way to do that is right (HERE).



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