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Millennials + Laziness = Success

Millennials aren’t offended from being associated with laziness.  In fact, they see it as a compliment.

And if you’re one of those successful lazy millennials, you know what I’m talking about.

The older crowd (including most baby boomers) criticizes this “laziness” by saying things like:  “These kids don’t understand good worth ethics.”


That’s a classic comment from one generation to the next.  And it’s also a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “How can you not believe in good work ethics?”

First, I do believe in good work ethics.  Second, what convinced me of this new “laziness” work ethic was seeing it in action.

Compared to the baby boomers, Millennials are problem solvers on steroids.

They don’t use our traditional methods of figuring things out.  Instead, they find answers at lightning speed on their electronic devices.

They cut and paste…BAM…problem solved.  Laziness works, and they’re proud of it.

“But…But, they’re not learning anything…they’re just using their smartphones.”

Actually, they’ve learned how to access information better than any generation in history.  And they don’t get bogged down thinking that they have to learn the hard way by making mistakes.

Without fully realizing it, these kids have figured out that it’s easier to learn more through other people’s mistakes.

That’s wisdom…AND laziness combined.


This gives millennials a distinct advantage.

They naturally understand what Henry Ford once said when he was criticized by Congress for “Not knowing” how certain components of his business operated.

His response?  “Senator, why should I trouble myself learning about something when I can find the answer with a simple phone call?”

The message here?

Instead of underestimating millennials, learn how to make a fortune with them as they become Trillionaires?

See for yourself (HERE).

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