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They ACTUALLY THINK You Understand Them

One of the biggest jokes about most Wall Street analyst’s reports is that they think you understand them.

These guys need a serious reality check.

To prove my point, how many times have you read one of these reports and thought, HUH?

The same applies to the over-hyped newsletters out there.

Most of these people are totally out of touch with their readers.  But they’re very impressed with themselves.  They write in a language that’s easy for them to understand but the normal person (who they’re trying to impress) doesn’t get it.

What arrogance!

I’ve been in the business for over three decades and I don’t understand most of the reports these elitists put out.  When that happens, I can assure you that they’re blowing smoke to the public about something and/or covering up something.

It’s a distraction technique called “Look Here, Don’t Look There.”  And I hate it because it’s deceitful.

Which brings me to my point today.

The title of our newsletter, Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English, says it all.  (LINK)

We go out of our way to make Wall Street’s gibberish easy to understand for the individual investor.  We’re not out to impress you with fancy words or “industry slang” (that you don’t understand).  We simply tell you the truth about how the “Club” operates behind the curtain.  And we show you how to NOT get hustled by the pros.

But there’s much more to our newsletter…

See for yourself (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.

P.S. If you know people who have the same skepticism about Wall Street as you do, share this link with them.  (LINK).  They’ll thank YOU later.


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