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Is Congress Guilty of Treason?

The recent NY Times op-ed about a “high-ranking” official deliberately sabotaging the office of the presidency should be a National Security issue.

If this “high ranking” official is working for the Demoncrats (pun intended) this would be no different than Watergate (which seems mild by comparison).  Thus, an official investigation should be MANDATORY.

If the “high ranking” official is a Republican, they should be put under the microscope as well.

What really creeps me out is how Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan claimed he doesn’t see a “role for Congress” to investigate the identity of the author of the Times Op-ed.


Ryan should be put under investigation.  He’s already announced his retirement this year and by his not investigating this he clearly seems to be sabotaging his own party.

Why would he do that?

This should call into question Ryan’s own competency…or is it Complacency?

What if it’s a foreign government trying to interfere with our elections (like all the unproven claims about Russia)?

Doesn’t that at least warrant an investigation.

Maybe Ryan has sold out and is part of the Conspiracy against Trump.

What’s being overlooked is, anyone attempting to undermine Trump from the inside is actually declaring war on the democratic process that this “high ranking” official claims to be defending.

Can you ever remember, in your lifetime, such an all-out assault on the President by the establishment (left or right)?

We’re witnessing some very dangerous precedents being established here that will ultimately affect our markets.

Where does it all end?

I dunno.

But it’s looking more like Congress (the establishment) is the one guilty of treason, sedition, and destroying our nation from the inside.

The Boyz in the Wall Street “Club” are behind most of this.

Don’t fall for their traps.

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