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Theresa May’s Gone…Goodbye and Good Riddance

At last, there’s hope for Great Britain.

Their soon-to-be former Prime Minister, Theresa May gave a tearful resignation speech on Friday saying “It is and will always remain a deep regret for me that I was not able to deliver Brexit.”


This woman never wanted the British to leave the EU.

Instead she wanted her country to continue to kiss Brussel’s ass for her own selfish control reasons.

She was given the best chance in the world to shine:  Stand up for her country and execute a prompt and profitable Brexit.

But noooooo, she knew better than 17+ million voters and was going to show the voters how it’s really done.

The leading candidate for her replacement is Boris “We will leave the EU on October 31st, deal or no deal,” Johnson.

(At least we know where he stands on Brexit.)

But we would be remiss if we didn’t list some of Ms. May’s career highlights:

  • As home secretary she oversaw 8 years of mass migrating third world Islamics into the UK.
  • Enjoyed her dinner parties while over 20,000+ British girls were raped by Islamic rape gangs.
  • She helped cover it up by claiming it would be “racist” to even mention the Islamic rape gangs that purposely targeted WHITE girls.


The UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) estimates there’s now more than 140 practicing Sharia courts around the UK. *

(*Note:  these courts are not official courts of law)

But why is she resigning?

We may never know, but wouldn’t it be embarrassing for the British Deep State if their PM is a “Person of Interest” wanted by Trump’s AG?

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