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Are Unhyphenated Americans Racists?

The term “Unhyphenated Americans” means that you choose to be recognized as an American.

On the flip side, hyphenated Americans are those who want to first be recognized as being from another nation/continent and then associate as an American.

They somehow believe that their bloodlines should be recognized over their American citizenship.

Question:  Have you ever heard anyone from South American refer to themselves as a “South American-American?”

What’s interesting about this is the vast majority of hyphenated Americans were born in America, thus making them ordinary Americans.

The truth is, putting another continent’s name followed by a hyphen ahead of being an American is divisive.

And certain politicians use the hyphenated name to stoke hatred.  (Cough!  Jesse Jackson, Cough! Cough! Al Sharpton).

Since the 1980s, when Jackson began popularizing the name African-American (as an alternative to black), it’s morphed into a false belief that anyone who is an Unhyphenated American must somehow be a racist.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of blacks in America fail to realize that characters like Jackson and Sharpton are no different than the slave owners of the 1800s.

They’ve been more successful at keeping blacks “down on the plantation” than the unhyphenated Americans they’re constantly accusing.

Race-baiting is nothing new.

And, yes, there are plenty of unhyphenated Americans who are guilty as well.

But my question is:  If you were born in America, how does hyphenating your heritage help you?

This all goes back to the Divide and Conquer tactics used by far too many politicians (both Democrat and Republican).

It’s a sinister move to keep you from seeing how they’re quietly stealing more rights from us.

It’s also designed to create civil unrest.

Once again 2019, The Political Year from Hell, is setting the stage for a chaotic 2020.

As a result, the turbulence we’ll see in the markets will be historic…and it will also be one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime.

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