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The Sheeple Cry, “We Want More Lockdowns!”


As if on cue, the #CoronaVirusWorldOrder is reaching new heights of hysteria.

The sheeple are now groveling in fear of Trump giving the “All-Clear” sign allowing Americans to get back to work.

As bizarre as it may seem (almost nothing seems too bizarre lately) the hatred of Trump is causing far too many people to freak out at the idea of getting the economy started again.

They’re crying out “We don’t trust Trump.  We trust our governors to make the decision of when to get back to work.”

From a Constitutional standpoint I believe that the state governors can overlook an order by Their President to remove the Martial Law lockdowns imposed on the sheeple.

Yet, the blind hatred of not wanting to do anything Their President says (like, let’s get the economy rolling again) is like them saying “We like our lockdowns…and the $1,200 checks…give us more.  And please create a vaccine so we can all be injected with tracking chips.”

Very strange, indeed.

For you holy rollers out there, this is eerily reminiscent of the Jews crying out to Pontius Pilate; “Release Barabbas” – a known murder – “Crucify Jesus” – whom Pilate himself declared innocent.

The point that the sheeple are missing is, the longer we stay under Martial Law lockdown, the longer it will take for us to recover.

At this time, we haven’t scratched the surface as to the massive economic damage that’s been inflicted on us over a virus that has a 98% RECOVERY RATE…and is ONE TENTH as harmful as the regular flu.

Instead of hysteria, try some logic over this issue for a change.

If the regular flu is TEN TIMES more dangerous than the Kung Flu (and it is) then why haven’t we put the world under lockdown every year before the flu season starts?

We’re being told how #StayAtHome saves lives.  And how it’s our patriotic duty to wear masks, hide from our neighbors and family, social distance yourself, and believe the Orwellian “Group Think.”

Again, if this is all true, then why haven’t we adopted these practices many years ago?

Logically, this makes no sense.

Unfortunately, you’re witnessing the biggest mass manipulation in history.

As usual, it’s another “look here, don’t look there” distraction to keep you from seeing the planned destruction of the banking industry.

Sad to say it’s working.

However, there is hope for those with ears to hear.

Instead of living in fear, learn how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times.

Go ahead…click the link:


You’ll thank us later.


National emergencies don’t make tyranny okay.



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