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The One Thing Trump Got Right

During Donald Trump’s four short years as president, he was criticized from every possible angle.  But there was one thing Trump got right.

Besides exposing the fraud and corruption of the mainstream media, he taught us many lessons that only a savvy businessman could teach.

And the most powerful lesson was…narrative building.

Trump was naïve.

And he trusted the wrong people by surrounding himself with too many swamp creatures.  All of whom eventually stabbed him in the back (COUGH! Mike Pence, COUGH! William Barr).

But he was a master of creating media narratives.

And often hijacking his enemies’ Narratives, and imposing his own Narratives.

Example: many of those weird Tweets people complained about — including his biggest fans — were sometimes a distraction for something else he was doing (putting Federal judges in on the sneak, etc.).

We all know he is a talented showman.

And showmanship includes subterfuge, timing, pacing, withholding, building up to moments and, yes, misdirecting when necessary.

(Wall Street is a master of misdirection)


Narratives Trump Got Right

For someone who was being attacked from all sides — including his own administration and a lying, leak-happy staff from within — Trump was incredible on the Narrative-building side.

It’s also why the miscreant media whores hated him so much.

However, today we live in a world full of never-ending narratives competing for your attention.

Most of which are only good for those who set them.

Chances are you are following the Narrative of someone else, in some way, shape, or form.  (COUGH! Big Tech Media Presstitutes, COUGH! Social Media COUGH!).

Keep in mind, EVERYONE has a narrative.

Teachers, media, entertainers, those you vote for, trust your money with, friends, and family members all have narratives.

And when it comes to social media — which is often chaotic & unpredictable — it’s vital to create and maintain your own Narrative at all times.

Obviously, FinancialsMatter has a narrative.

And – unlike the vast majority of websites dealing with finance – we focus on showing you how the real world of finance operates “Behind the Curtain.”


To give you the “Edge” that separates you from the 99%.

Like Trump, your Narrative – how you perceive and respond to Wall Street – will soar when you see things with a different set of eyes.

So, if you want to double, triple, quadruple your chances of victory in the investment world then you should UPGRADE to our premium content (HERE).

And remember:  We’re Not Just About Finance.

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