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March 5, 2024

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The New Dumb & Dumber. Oh, the Irony

Every so often we see Wall Street “Club” members served up a big fat slice of karma. And they’re moments that make you want to pump your fist and say “Yeah, Baby!”  (My gut feeling is we’ll see a lot more in the future).

The month of May brings us two prominent thieves figures:

  • Eric Schneiderman (Former) New York Attorney General.

  • Bill Gross (Former) Bond King and notorious front-runner.

Schneiderman was forced to resign only hours after “The New Yorker” ran an article about how his perverse and violent sexual behavior caused several former girlfriends to come forward and squeal on him.

Despite the fact he was once heralded as “The Man the Banks Fear Most,” Schneiderman issued zero criminal subpoenas against the banksters who ruined the economy in 2008.

And to top it off, former girlfriend Michelle Manning Barish, told The New Yorker, “His hypocrisy is epic,” referring to his support of the #MeToo movement and other feminist causes.

Criminal charges are likely to be filed soon against this slime ball and rightfully so.

Hopefully justice will be served.

The (Former) Bond King, Bill Gross, is currently in the headlines over a messy and very costly divorce.  (Have you ever known a divorce that wasn’t messy or costly?)

After supposedly telling his wife she could take any furniture and art work she wanted (he kept the mansion), Gross was publicly miffed, accusing his wife of stealing a $35 Million Picasso painting.

But, Hey!  She was only following his instructions.

Now the whole world knows that Bill is guilty of…Gross negligence.

(Sorry…I couldn’t help myself with that one).

After all, how gross can a divorce get?

Read more about these jokers in the May issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English (HERE).

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