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Doing More of God’s Work

Wall street CEO’s claiming they’re “doing God’s work” used to infuriate me.

Seriously, you have to be a sociopath to believe something like that.

Nonetheless, after the meltdown in 2008, Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs (one of the major players who caused the collapse by packaging and selling the garbage mortgage bonds) said those exact words.

Today, I look at these characters as pathetic human beings who need constant reassurance of their own self-importance.

It almost makes you feel sorry for them.

Wait!  On second thought!!!

Anyway, check out this example of “doing God’s work.”

In 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that Goldman Sachs paid 31 cents on the dollar (approx.$865 Million) for Venezuelan bonds issued by their state oil company PDVSA. (Oil bonds…Hmmm!)

The bonds mature in 2022 (five years) with a value of $2.8 Billion.

Yep.  You read that right.

That’s a cool profit of $1.9 Billion for aiding a “financial lifeline” to the suffering Maduros regime. (You know, the same regime that’s destroyed the Venezuelan socialist economy and left millions of people starving.)

Does that sound like God’s work to you?

Sadly, you won’t see this in the lamestream media.  It might tarnish the GS image.

But look at this May 21, 2018 headline:  “Trump Bars Purchases Of Debt, Receivables Owed To Venezuela, PDVSA.”

So, that means the Squid (GS) won’t have any competitors in the Venezuelan bond market.


Naaaah!  Just more of “doing God’s work.”

This Venezuelan bond theft (now a monopoly) is the kind of thing the “Club” doesn’t want you to know about.

We don’t let these events fly under the radar.  You deserve to know about them.

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