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The Most Dangerous Men on the Planet


We’ve been saying for a while that there’s a nefarious group of megalomaniacs who are purposefully trying to destroy the global economy.

By implementing the CoronaFraud these cretins have undermined the foundation and purpose of forming civilizations.

Social Distancing has nothing to do with a virus.  It’s a means of keeping people from gathering in groups.

The Race Wars we’re seeing are just the beginning.

You’re witnessing the early stages of when governments collapse. They are so desperate to retain power that they will become extremely violent, tyrannical, and seek to eliminate all freedom just to retain a grip on power.

We are at a generational crossroads and what lies ahead is something far different than what the older generation expect.


Is that enough doom-porn for you?

But, wait!  There’s more.

Our altered life-styles and the recent extremes forced upon us make it hard to compare this to any other time in history.

Even WWII didn’t shut down sports…they are essential as a diversion for many.

Note…the loss of revenue of sports in America equals $133.4 Million Per Day or $48 Billion annually.

That’s huge.  Especially when you consider that (according to the FED) the GDP of private industries – Sports, Arts, Entertainment, etc. – amount to $100 Billion.

In the past I’ve said how Bill Gates is the most dangerous man on the planet with his Required Vaccine agenda.

Stephen – a subscriber/friend from Western Canada – wrote to me saying, “I think Gates is the poster boy for the most dangerous men on the planet.”

He’s probably right.  Especially when you consider he’s the front man who’s paid off most of the health care officials in the world.

Toss in the leading Epidemiologists who whole-heartedly support Gate’s agenda and you can see why the world is in a panic.

But who are the guys behind Gates?

Find out in our June edition of “…In Plain English.”


The survival of your financial future may just depend on it.

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