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Censoring the Masses is Easy


It’s getting pretty obvious how mega-giants like G***le, Fa***ook, Tw***er and most social media are restricting what you see.

We purposely blotted out the above names because their algorithms are designed to detect words – like their names –  that could possibly raise red flags.

This allows them to censor anyone and anything THEY deem worthy of censoring.

Ironically (or NOT) the mere referencing of social media will probably get us censored again.

Why do I bring this up?

We’ve received more than a few inquiries from our readers about NOT receiving our daily emails – most recently the Sunday Funnies.

Maybe it’s because we’re politically incorrect.  Maybe it’s because we highlight how the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes only parrot what their Wall Street Overlords tell them.  Or maybe, just maybe someone doesn’t want you to get our content.

Regardless of the reason, we know we’re being censored and, unfortunately, so are you.

You must understand that it’s really easy to censor the masses and yet, difficult for you to fight against.

If challenged, they default to “This doesn’t meet our community standards.”

They are masters of hypocrisy and are programming indoctrinating the sheeple to an Orwellian “GroupThink” mindset.

So, what can you do about it?

As far as our daily emails are concerned; we publish at least one or two every day.  If you don’t see them in your inbox then check your “promotions” tab.

We’re very good at avoiding spam so as an alternative, many email servers direct what they deem “inappropriate material” to the promotions or social tabs.

It’s an easy way for them to censor what you see.

At Financial$Matter we’re committed to giving you the best content you’ll ever come across featuring how the financial world operates behind the curtain.

The boyz in the “Club” don’t like what we write because it exposes how corrupt they truly are.

If you aren’t getting one or two emails daily from us please let us know.  Also check your promotions and possibly your spam tab.

However, if you like our content, the best way to avoid being censored from it is by subscribing to our monthly newsletter “…In Plain English” where we show you how to prosper AND thrive especially in Turbulent Times.

The boyz can’t censor us there because, 1) It’s a paid for subscription and 2) You must log in to read it.

Act now…our prices are going up soon.


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